TinyMixMaster The MixMaster Mastering Suite is an integrated set of tools for optimizing the sound of musical recordings, allowing you to make your recordings sound truly professional. This process is called "mastering", and virtually all professional recordings go through this process before being released. The program provides the following functions:
♦ A simulated analog Compressor.
♦ A highly realistic Reverb module, to add depth and presence to the sound.
♦ A 10-channel graphic Equalizer, to adjust individual frequeny characteristics of the sound.
♦ A Limiter, to reduce peak distortion.
♦ A Stereo Enhancer.
♦ An over-all Gain control unit to set the mean amplitude of the sound.
♦ A Normalize function, for the best CD recording volume.
♦ Separate Play, Preview, and Process controls.
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