The MixMaster Mastering Suite is an integrated set of tools for optimizing the sound of musical recordings, providing musicians and recording engineers with the ability to make their recordings sound truly professional. This process is called "mastering", and virtually all professional recordings go through this process before being released. The program provides the following functions:

1) The Compressor module brightens and makes "warmer" the overall sound quality and bring out individual instruments and voices;

2) The Reverb module adds depth and presence to the sound;

3) The 10-channel graphic Equalizer module allos you to adjust individual frequeny characteristics of the sound;

4) The Limiter module reduces peak distortion;

5) Stereo Enhancer module lets you can augment the apparent stereo depth (separation between right and left channels);

6) The Gain controlmodule lets you set the mean amplitude of the sound; and

7) The Normalize module lets you optimize the final output level for the best CD recording volume.

Each of these controls can be turned on or off independently, and the program allows you to Preview the sound in order to obtain the optimum results before finally unsing the Process function to convert the sound into a CD ready format. The results of all editing functions are displayed graphically, and you can use the graphical highlighting and zoom and shift controls to select various portions of the sound to adjust, then compare the results of any operations immediately, using the Undo / Redo controls. The program supports a number of different file formats, including .wav, .mp3, .wma, and.aiff formats, as well as 8, 16, and 24 bit formats.

MixMaster was designed by a group of successful professional musicians and by scientists trained at MIT in computer science and auditory physiology, and incorporates a number of original algorithms in digital signal processing which provide some powerful capabilities for the analysis and synthesis of music. The system was designed to be as intuitively simple and easy to use as humanly possible, and in addition to the standard features of recording and playback that are required by users interested in creating sound files for Multimedia applications, MixMaster incorporates many advanced features of use to professional musicians interested in creating professiona CD quality recordings.