TinyAudioTest2 AudioTest enables you to test your hearing at home or in the work place. It tests your hearing in much the same way that a professional audiologist would. The results of are presented in a standard audiogram format, and they can be saved and printed out; thus, you can determine any changes in your hearing over time, and can take them to a hearing professional if you so choose.

It is a very useful screening tool for monitoring your hearing, and will allow you to determine if you have a hearing loss that can be treated, and that will also alert you so that

you can take steps to prevent further hearing loss. The program is very inexpensive and easy to use. It is currently being used by the New York State Elementary School System as a screening hearing test for both pre-schoolers and elementary school students. The kids evidently get a big kick out of testing their own hearing, and it takes a big work load off of the school nurses.
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