TinyLearnAudio LearnAudio was designed to teach young persons some interesting, useful, and important facts about sound, hearing, and music. The program consists of a number of "lessons" that contain text, graphics, sound, and interactive links with the Internet. The program teaches you how to compose music, and also comes with a standalone midi sequencer with which you can compose and play your own music, using any one of 128 different musical instruments. For each lesson there is a built-in "quiz" which one can take in order to determine whether one has understood the most salient facts that have been presented.
The program is a lot of fun to use, and in writing it, the author actually learned a lot of useful information in the process, even though he had over 30 years experience teaching medical students and physics students about sound and hearing, and had composed several symphonies himself.The program makes extensive use of several standard computer software plugins (ActiveX controls), including a Web Browser, QuickTime, and YouTube control. The latter provides the ability to interact with a selection of interesting, informative, and well-authored YouTube presentations on the Internet in real time. A number of Internet links are provided with each lesson to steer the student to related in-depth information. The program also has a Glossary, which defines and / or explains terms used that may be new or unfamiliar to the student. All in all, the program provides students with a unique and fun leaning experience.