MusicMaster is an amazingly versatile program that combines a Mixer, a 10-channel Equalizer, a multi-disk CD player, and a Player / Recorder module that plays all known types of audio files, and records and saves audio files in many different formats, including the popular mp3 format. It has recently been completly re-written, to include the very latest in professional quality audio technology. It is much easier to use than either Media Player or WinAmp. There are four modules;

♦ The Toolbar Module enables you to custom-configure the display, which looks like a rack style set of stereo components.
The Mixer / Equalizer Module makes it possible to set volume levels on all of the recording and playback devices on your computer, and to set the equalization over the full audio range.
The CD Player Module lets you program a CD-ROM player to play selected tracks on any CD drive in your computer. It "remembers" each CD you play, so that when you put in a CD to play, you can select a previously stored set of favorite tracks to play. It also lets you Rip CD tracks from any CD drive on your computer to any hard disk drive on your computer.
The Player / Recorder Module lets you record and play practically every type of audio file including MP3 files, download MP3 files from the Internet, as well as edit ID3 Tags. It also has a very handy means to set up, save, and retrieve Playlists.

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