Advanced Features of TsunamiPro
♦ Supports 24-bit recording and playback
Encode/Decode/Play/Edit .MP3 files, for streaming from the Internet
Convert MP3 to WAV and WAV to MP3 files
Built-in CD RIPPER for ripping CD tracks directly to disk
Built-in WAV to MP3 batch file converter
Cool Phaser effects
Automatic click and pop detection and removal (vinyl restoration)
Remove Vocal Tracks (do your own Karaoke)
Unique special-effects module to create a variety of unusual sounds
Cool filter functions, including FilterSweep
AVI file editing (make your own movies)
Chain together DirectX Plugins
Drag-drop to create, copy, mix, insert, paste and cross fade selections
Synchronize recording/playback to SMPTE, MTC, sequencer, or keyboard
Chase-lock to external tape unit
Optional interface to ADAT digital audio tape unit
Threshold-triggerable sampler
Optional sampler support: receive/send to external samplers
Use time-marks to build cue lists and edit selections
Playlist to build composite mix of multiple files, with automatic reformatting
Direct sample editing of individual data values
Sophisticated noise-reduction algorithms, noise gating, and trim and crop
FFT spectral analysis
Four channel parametric equalizer, and extensive filtering options
Ten channel graphic equalizer
Spatial placement of sound origin using quasi-3D surround sound
Instantaneous undo-redo
Compressor / expander
Change pitch without changing tempo, and vice versa
Scads of editing options including echo/reverb, chorus, flange
Normalization and scaling, fade, pan, and tremolo
Glissando, ritardando, quantization, and reverse-play
Dynamic range compression/expansion
Noise removal,and noise-gating
Equalization and frequency filtering
Highly modular with expandable plug-in support
Configurable layout including floating toolbars, and tooltips
Accurate DB meters
Embed / retrieve descriptive Title, Artist, and other information
Context-sensitive help, extensive on-line help, and simple tutorials
New file .JAF compression format (better sound than .MP3!)